Canadian and US Manuals

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Automobile Literature 1964 – 1972

By Rick Outingdyke

This article is prepared to give club members an insight into some of the publications available, and the differences between those produced for usage in Canada and the US. Beaumonts, as we know, were produced in Canada and so was the literature. This article does not contain information on post 1972 vehicles as the club does not have many examples. As well it does not contain dealer sales handbooks which will be submitted later in the future as a separate article.

As the writer has not a complete set of literature for every year, this article will not be all encompassing but give general overview of what to look for when obtaining literature.

For owners of Canadian built Chevelles FIRST ensure all publications, no matter what they are, state “Printed in Canada” or “Litho in Canada” after 1971. It appears after 1973, owners manuals were all the same except where they referred to substituting “General Motors of Canada” wherever the name “Chevrolet Motor Division ” appears.

Another give away as to where the publication was produced can be the colour of the jacket cover. A couple of examples are the 1964 Chevelle shop manual. The jacket cover for Canada was green and red was in the US, the 1969 Chevelle owners manual was red for Canada and blue in the US. Why this is the case I haven’t found out but they are.

Some years of owners manual stated if they were the first edition, others did not. Again, I haven’t all the manuals to give all the answers, but keep in mind there appear to be more than one issue each year. From my inventory it is more likely there were three editions each year.

As well I can say 1964/1966 Chevelles and Beaumonts indicate the edition but not the date of issue. 1967 Chevelles and Beaumonts did not indicate the first issue. By 1968, the Chevelle owners manual applied as well to Chevy II and Camaros. The 1968 Beaumont also included Acadian, but most significantly they showed not only the issue but the date of issue (ie Chevelle third edition May 1968, Beaumont first issue September 1967)

For those who want everything correct on their cars this is a great help. A third edition owners manual would not be correct for a first month produced vehicle for example. There are a variety of parts catalogues available that cover some years of Chevelles, or as with the Beaumont, all years. Again for Canadian built Chevelle owners, ensure that the catalogue states General Motors of Canada and printed in Canada.

This writer has two catalogues, one that covers 62/64 Chevy II but also covers 1964 Chevelles (great for older parts numbers), and a master parts catalogue covering 1964 – 1976 Chevelle and Monte Carlos (great for superseded part numbers). For all around coverage on the Beaumonts, the Master Parts Catalogue revised for March 1972 is great. These two publications are invaluable for identifying interchangeable parts. GM radio service manuals, although not a GM publication (Delco/Remy), are available and printed in Canada contain all the radios produced in each year with the information on how to repair them. I hope the membership has found this informative and will assist in your hunt to obtain correct literature on Canadian built Chevelles and Beaumonts.

Feb. 2019. The club library was kept and maintained by President Don Earnshaw. With his passing in Feb., the future disposition of the library remains to be determined. No information requests can be actioned at this time. JM