Club Meeting, Feb. 25, Chemainus

We had a terrific meeting at the Haida Way Restaurant on Hwy. 1 in Chemainus, Vancouver Island, with about 20 persons attending. Elections were held and Don Earnshaw was returned as President, Bob Patterson as Vice President and Bev Earnshaw as Secretary Treasurer. As a special treat, Richard Jones brought out his ’67 2 dr. hardtop Cheetah Beaumont! Rare and beautiful.


Welcome to the CCCB


I will give you a little background about our club.

The club is called Canadian Classic Chevelles & Beaumonts. We are dedicated to all Chevelles, El Caminos, Beaumonts and GMC derivatives of the El Camino. What sets us apart from other clubs is that we cover the Canadian side of the story. This relates to what models were built in Canada, the options available, paint and trim codes used in Canada, etc.  The Canadian Classic Chevelles & Beaumonts club is open to all:

  • Beaumonts from 1962 to 1969
  • Chevelles from 1964 to 1983
  • El Caminos and GMC derivatives from 1959 to 1987

Further, we accept any Chevelle, Beaumont or El Camino that falls into one or more of the following categories: Stock, Modified or Restored.

We actively research Chevelles, Beaumonts, El Caminos, etc. This covers those cars we know that have been scrapped, cars still actively used and those quirky Canadian only models that were produced. We also are here to answer any question(s) that members have about their car in particular. We have an extensive technical library which we use to answer those questions put to us.

Our club news magazine is issued on a bi-monthly schedule. Each issue features a club member’s car as the Car of the Month (we’d love to see your car featured!). We publish technical articles, historical facts, coverage of car shows and cruises; and we run a classified ads section (cars and parts for sale or wanted). The magazine cover is printed in high-quality color and averages thirty pages an issue.

Click on the images below to see samples from our magazines: