Stormer’s ’67 Beaumont

Feature of the Month – November 2012

Chuck_StormerI store the Beaumont at my sister’s farm a couple of hours away. I was there recently getting some firewood so I pulled the Beaumont out and took a few quick pictures. I am no photographer as you can see. The car is not pristine, but we’ve had it since 1977.

It has taken a back seat over the years due to work, four kids, a cottage, baseball and hockey tournaments etc. I am now sort of semi-retired so I should get more time to attend to its needs (that’s the plan anyway!).

Dave probably does not remember me but he contacted me many years ago when the Ontario Chevelle Club folded and we had a nice long talk about the cars, the club etc. I had always intended to join when we spoke, but I have only been a member a few years.

The Beaumont was originally a small block 283, but was replaced with a poorly running 327 before I bought it. My brother-in-law found a 396 for it and I had a 400 turbo out of my ’69 Chevelle so that’s what we installed, together with power steering and brakes which it did not have. If you are interested in any of the build details let me know, it’s been a while but I think I remember most of it.

Thanks for doing such a great job with the club, I know it must be a lot of work.

– Chuck