Pomeroys’ ’67 Beaumont Custon

Feature of the Month – March 2014

Gail_PomeroyI  have had the privilege of owning my ’67 Beaumont Custom since 1968.

I am an only child.  My Dad was car-crazy and I spent many hours in the garage he built, helping him wax and polish his pride and joy – a black ’58 Oldsmobile Super 88.  So I developed my love of cars. As a teenager I loved putting together car kits and still have most of them.   Sadly, Dad died when I was 15.  The day I turned 16 I got my learner’s permit and learned to drive in “his” Olds. By 1968 my Mom and I decided that it was time to sell the Olds (how I wish I had that car today) and the proceeds from the Olds would go towards buying my first car.

I was eagerly test-driving ’68 Beaumonts and looking forward to owning a brand new car.  It was at that time a good friend of the family was remarrying and selling her ’67 Beaumont.  Financially it made sense to buy her Beaumont that only had 2,500 miles on it; and as I had only been working for a couple of years, money was tight.  So I bought the ’67 Beaumont but was a little disappointed that I didn’t get that “new car”.  Today, I am so happy that events turned out the way they did.

The Beaumont had been ordered through Thomas Motor Sales in Cobourg, Ontario; and from looking at a showroom brochure from 1967, it looks like she picked it out from the page and ordered it with some special options.  She and her first husband always drove Cadillacs so she ordered the Beaumont with power windows and a power front seat, as she was accustomed to that in the ‘Caddies’.  She had difficulty using the high-beam dimmer button on the floor due to a leg injury, so the dealer installed a toggle switch to the left of the steering column for her to use.

I drove the Beaumont daily for 5 years with one trip to Cape Cod and many trips around Ontario.  When I married in 1973 I left the car with my Mom so the car remained in the garage my Dad had built. Mom did not drive the car very much and took good care of it.  In the 1990’s she was followed home several times by people interested in buying the car but I was not interested in selling.

In 1998 my husband Ken and I went to a local cruise night just to look at the cars.  I realized that my Beaumont would fit right in and so started our classic car hobby.  For the last 5 years Paul and Jolyn Jones and Ken and I have run the Douro Doings Classic Car Show, which is held on Monday every Labour day weekend at Douro, Ontario.

At the present time the car had 53,900 miles on it. In 2006 the car was repainted the same colour and I replaced the bias-ply tires with radial tires.  Everything else on the car has been kept as close to original as possible.  As my husband says “every car has a story” and this is my story. I would like to also add how much we enjoy the club magazine.  Ken and I look forward to every issue.

– Gail and Ken.

Information specific to the Beaumont
1967 Pontiac Beaumont Custom – 2 door coupe

Paint: Y-Butternut Yellow
Top: 27-Black
Trim: 759-Black
Engine: 283 CID 195 HP V8


A01 Glass-Tinted all windows
A31 Window Electric Control
A41 Front seat Electric Control – 4-way bench type
C08 Exterior Soft Trim Roof Cover
J50 Vacuum Power Brakes
M35 Powerglide Transmission (2 speed)
N40 Hydraulic Steering
P01 Wheel Trim Cover
P62 7.50 X 14 tires
U63 Radio – pushbutton AM