Matt English’s 65 El Camino

English 65 El Camino (800x700)Son Matt now has Barry & Vicki’s 65 El Camino in his care. Father Barry wrote this about the vehicle a few years ago:

“We purchased this ‘65 El Camino in 1996.  With many years of work I finally got the El Camino on the road in 2009 and went to many car shows.  We did a long trip in 2011 with the Canadian Hot Rodders Tour to the Sudbury car show.

After the tour we extended our trip and with two other couples, we crossed into the U.S.A. at the ‘Soo.’  We ended up in Wisconsin to attend a huge car show at Wisconsin Falls.  We were the only Canadians there.  We then took the ferry across Lake Michigan (4 hrs) then home.

My wife Vicki and I were married 46 years ago and once owned a ‘65 Chevelle.