Hunter’s ’67 Chevelle Malibu

Feature of the Month – July 2013

Dan_HunterI purchased this Chevelle Malibu 2 Dr. Sport Coupe (#13617), a Canadian vehicle, in September of 1989 for $4,500.00. At the time of purchase this vehicle still displayed its original Butternut Yellow enamel paint. When I purchased this vehicle it had a vinyl roof. The paint code displayed on the firewall tag was ‘Y-Y’ indicating to me that the roof must have been recovered at some point as this vehicle should have been Butternut Yellow top and bottom. The previous owner did not know this vehicle’s history and was selling it to purchase a home. At the time of purchase the Chevelle displayed a set of “C H -EVIOT” aluminum rims which are similar in appearance to the Centerline style of rim.

I was in the market at that time for an older vehicle and really did not appreciate what I had found. At that time I was big into Camaros and owned a 1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 with a 1969, 4 bolt main Camaro 350 engine that I had rebuilt with high performance in mind. (Dyno results of 535 hp @ 8000 rpm.) The engine was mated to a strengthened and rebuilt Super T-10, 4 speed transmission and rear differential with a final drive ratio of 3.73:1. The Camaro was my baby and I was simply looking for a “winter beater” as I normally park my Camaro for the winter season. I mentioned this to the owner of the ‘67 Chevelle c/w power bulge hood and he gave me this strange look. It was not until 1996 that I understood what that “look” meant as I now owned and operated a successful muscle, classic and antique auto appraisal business.

I did operate my 67 Malibu for one winter season however I became so appreciative of it that I have since sold the Camaro and now park my Chevelle each winter in the garage. I recall one person stopping me during that winter season and asking me if I was interested in selling it. No way, I replied, I need my winter beater, ha ha ha.

The Butternut enamel paint on the Chevelle was very poor. This vehicle had no rust or body damage but the paint was cracked and it had no real shine to it regardless if I used Meguiar’s or some other high end wax. In the fall of 1991 I made the decision to have the car re-painted. The owner of the body shop was a friend of mine and took the car in over the winter season, working on it as time permitted. Originally I planned on re-painting the body Tahoe Turquoise but I was unable to make up my mind based on a small 1″ x 1/2” paint chip. The decision was made to make up our own Turquoise color which originated from Chrysler with a lot of additional metallic flake installed. Dennis, my friend, stripped the car, removing everything and painstakingly sanded and wet sanded the body till it met his standards. The roof was prepped and a new 3 piece black vinyl roof was installed.

This car originally came with black cloth and vinyl front and rear bench seats. I was able to track down a set of tattered and worn out bucket seats in Penhold, AB. Upon taking the bucket seats apart I was rewarded with a tag that identified the bucket seats as being correct for my Chevelle and assembly date. The bucket seats received new seat foam and correct reproduction Madrid vinyl.

The rear bench was removed and covered to match the front buckets. The floor pans were cleaned, prepped and repainted prior to the installation of new carpet, underlay and bucket seats. The door panels are original and did not require replacement with the exception of new arm rest bases as the original chrome electroplating had worn off. Many years later the original owner contacted me asking me if I was interested in having the original working AM Radio RPO U63. I was given the working radio and installed it; however an aftermarket AM/FM Stereo with CD has been installed out of sight along with better speakers.

The previous owner had begun replicating the 1967 Chevelle Super Sport, 2 Dr. Sport Coupe #13817 via the installation of the power bulge hood. I continued on with this plan and have installed the proper console with clock, new dash bezel and SS gauges. New rocker panel moldings and engine call out and SS badges were installed. I have a vintage correct 396cid HP V8/400+ hp engine and Muncie M20 four speed manual transmission with Hurst shifter that is awaiting installation. Prior to this I removed the Cheviot rims and replaced them with a set of factory correct Rally rims, caps and rings and installed a set of BF Goodrich Silvertown Red Line radials.

I am getting close to having my ‘67 Chevelle done with no plans to sell it. The paint on this car is approaching 22 yrs old and appears as good today as it did when it was re-painted in 1991. Yet to replace will be the rear bumper and maybe the front bumper. My car has survived a divorce LOL and I still get a lot of enjoyment driving it and displaying it in various show and shines.

In 1967 this car sold for $2,997.00 in Canada. The U.S. sold this same model for $2,540.00. The weight is 3,115 lbs, Wheelbase is 115.0″, Overall Length is 197.0″, Width is 75.0″, Height is 51.9″, Front track is 58.0″, Rear track is 58.0″. Standard tire size was 7.35 x 14 bias ply and the USA produced 187,200 V8 equipped Malibu’s. The Canadian production total of this same model is not known by me however information received over the years has indicated that the Canadian Chevrolet Plant in Oshawa, Ontario Canada generally manufactured a total that was approximately 1/10th of what was produced in the USA.

I no longer look at my 67 Chevrolet, Chevelle Malibu, 2 Dr. Sport Coupe H13617 as being a “winter beater”.

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