Giorgio’s 1967 Chevelle

Feature of the Month – October 2012

Dominic_GiorgioI would like to relate a story about the Chevelle I just bought.

In 1977 two friends and I bought a ’67 together, we couldn’t afford it individually. As time went on one friend decided to sell his share so I bought it shortly thereafter my other friend fell for a ’71 340 cuda and sold me his share.

I stripped the chocolate brown chevelle at the body shop that I was working at, and had the shop owner paint it tuxedo black I then added a gold pinstripe.

I entered the Chevelle in the annual auto show at the CNE, at that time the show was called SPEED SPORT. The Chevelle then became my daily driver. Many trim rings and centre caps later I spun 2 bearings and stripped the Muncie synchro’s in the fall of 1982.

The Chevelle then sat in my dad’s driveway for months, he told me to get rid of it “as his home was not a scrap yard for vehicles that didn’t run.”

I sold it to a friend of mine who repaired it, drove it till the following spring and then sold it to Motion Auto Sales in Toronto. They in turn sold it to a local buyer in Mississauga. For years after I inquired about the car but no one had any idea where it may have gone. Twenty five years later someone told me about a tracing program through our Minisrtry of Transportation. I had a search done for twenty dollars and got the name of the new owner. This was a great help but I had no way of getting hold of the owner.

Through a friend I was able to get the address, it didn’t take me long to show up at the front door of the owner. But no matter how much I pleaded this person would not sell, 2 years later I bought a ’67 Chevelle from North Carolina I was not really happy with it but still have it. I kept looking and saw a lot of cars at home and on my many trips to Carlisle, Pennsylvania but nothing appealed to me.

This year I saw an ad for a ’67 Chevelle for sale in London, Ontario. I took the 2 hour drive on the thanksgiving weekend and when I arrived for a peek realized the Chevelle was a not so interesting one I had seen Guelph, Ontario last year. I was very disappointed. On the drive home I decided to give another shot at getting my old car back so I went to see the owner. After spending about an hour and a half with him and getting nowhere I made him an offer which he refused. I told him that “this time I was not leaving without this car, what will it take?” I asked him, he gave me a figure and after deliberating for a while we split the difference and I became the owner of the Chevelle for a second time.

I didn’t leave a deposit we just shook hands and I said I would be back on Tuesday with the funds. When I went back I was worried that he may have changed his mind, luckily he didn’t, we parted friends and I had the car towed home.

I recently replaced the alternator, rebuilt the front disc brake calipers, installed a new brake booster/master cylinder, gas tank, had the rad re-cored insured it and am driving as often as weather permits. Maybe sometime in the future I will restore it but for now were just going to get re-acquainted.

How’s that for an interesting story?

– Dom.