Brook’s 72 GMC Sprint

Feature of the Month – August 2012

Glen_BrooksI don’t know too much about the history of this Sprint. I purchased this car from a guy who was using it for his roofing business. It came with a Cadillac rear springs to support the extra weight of the asphalt shingles and a 350 engine from Pick Your Part. I was going to use this car for parts but after closer inspection I figured it would make a good ‘Daily Driver’ so I set aside my other 72 El Camino that I was going to restore with this one and decided to do a quick fix on this old yellow Sprint and then get back to my other Camino. I have been a long time collector of El Camino/Chevelle parts so this ‘quick fix’ should be no problem….

Four years later and my so called ‘Daily Driver’ turned into my 454 SS clone with PB, PS, PW,AC, Tilt, Cruise and a Sport dash with bucket seats, along with a 400 Automatic console, Cowl Induction and a killer mirror black paint job. Half of these parts were supposed to go in my other 72 El Camino but I just couldn’t stop myself from using them now.

The hood stripe is a burgundy flip flop color that turns from black to burgundy depending on how the light hits it. It is always fun to watch as people walk by the car and suddenly the stripe jumps out at them and then they walk back and forth just to see it change. Definitely a conversation starter.