Anderson’s ’65 & ’69 Beaumonts

Feature of the Month – January 2014

Ken_AndersonA few years ago (2010) Ken wrote to inform us that after doing some body work on the ‘69 he had installed the following:

  • new BFG T/A tires
  • 350 330 horse power deluxe crate engine
  • 700 R4 transmission
  • metal inner front fenders
  • new heater core and radiator
  • new 100 amp chrome alternator
  • Walker Sweet Talker mufflers

…And that he would also like to install new carpet, seat covers and a sound system. He also offered the 307 free for the taking to anyone who may have been interested at that time.

It looks as if he has now completed the ‘65 and we are looking forward to an update on how that project worked out.