Thanks go out to graphics editor Rick Pawlas for assembling this history.

History and Evolution of the Canadian Classic Chevelles and Beaumonts Club

The “Canadian Classic Chevelles and Beaumonts Club” (CCCBC, a non profit organization) had a humble beginning in 1992 with Don Earnshaw, Tony Weaver, Dave Weir, and Rick Outingdyke (Late) being the founding members.

Then, the club was the Vancouver Island chapter of the Vancouver, B.C. based “B.C. Chevelle Club“. As a chapter the club membership, in 1994, peaked at about 90.

After much consideration, in 1995 a majority of members voted to break away from the B.C. Chevelle Club to form a not for profit association Canadian Classic Chevelles & Beaumonts Club with Dave Weir as president, and Rick Outingdyke as vice president.

The membership at that time felt that “going national” would not only benefit the club by being able to confer with others interested in hobby but would also be of benefit to potential new members throughout Canada and the U.S.A. by being able to share club knowledge with them.

Already there was a news letter in place to inform new members of club technical knowledge, progress and activities. The first official club newsletter “The Canadian Chevelle Beaumont News” was published October 1995. Initial 1995 membership in the CCCB was around 80 members residing mainly on Vancouver Island.

Don Earnshaw, was elected Vice President March 1996 and President in March 1997. Bev Earnshaw, was elected Secretary / Treasurer in April 1998.

January 1999 saw the publication of the first colour cover, booklet form, stapled CCCB news magazine.

With the club advertising in Old Car Trader, etc. and with much of the membership being very knowledgeable and willing to help new members with their restoration and related questions regarding Chevelles, Beaumonts and EI Caminos the membership grew to around 200 by 2002.

Many of these 200 members were now residing in Canada and the U.S. Due to illness Rick Outingdyke, passed on his Vice Presidency to Tony Weaver, in May 2002. Tony Weaver, then passed on his Vice Presidency to David Smethurst, May 2005. By 2007 the membership had expanded to about 550 peaking in 2008 at over 700 active members. In March 2010, David Smethurst, passed on the Vice Presidency to Bruce McInnis. In March 2014 Bruce McInnis passed his Vice Presidency to current Vice President Bob Patterson.

With the present state of the economy, the advent of “free membership” web forums, social web sites such as Facebook and diminishing interest today’s (2018 / 2019) membership is at 283.

Because the club is international the news magazine plays a huge part in club cohesiveness and member participation and is the binding force in the club as it promotes member partnership and with the help of club members is an “edited, researched and credible source” of information for club members. (Unlike many of the unedited, off the cuff web sites and web forums promoting the hobby).

Originally published and edited by then President Dave Weir, the original news letter evolved into a news magazine in 1999 with Dave, being the editor until 2002, George Tyre, 2002 to 2008 and then again Dave, to present.

In 1999 with a format change initiated and implemented by then assistant editor Rick Pawlas the “newsletter” became a “news magazine” and evolved from a black and white “corner stapled” letter to a folded, stapled booklet with a colour cover This more professional looking format was adopted by the club and appreciated by all members. The news magazine promoted the club and its membership as an even more reliable, credible source of information for aspiring restorers.

Rick, a member since 1997, took over the reins as assistant editor in 1999 and has been responsible for the layout, content and publishing of the magazine 1999 to present. Rick, resigned as assistant editor in December 2018.

Vancouver Island members of the CCCB have at times teamed up with the Vancouver Island Mustang Association and the Salvation Army to help sponsor and participate in a pre-Christmas toy and charity fund raiser (“Toy Run”); with all toys and funds being donated to the local chapter of the Salvation Army.

The club has offered its members swag, at cost, in the form of T-shirts, hats, jackets and a club decal since 1997. More devoted members have purchased many of these items and are proudly displaying them at car shows and various other club gatherings.

The club existed to promote camaraderie among its members and to further the auto restoration hobby in its many forms by being there for members. Club President Don Earnshaw was diagnosed with incurable cancer in late 2019. Secretary Treasurer Bev Earnshaw resigned in Jan. 2019 to care for her husband. The club was dissolved at a special members’ meeting January 27, 2019.  Don Earnshaw passed away Feb. 14, 2019 and the club ceased at end of fiscal year Feb. 28, 2019.

– R. Pawlas