1963 Beaumont Features

Beaumonts 1963

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Model Numbers

Model # Description
Beaumont 4 cyl Four door station wagon
Beaumont 4 cyl Two door Hardtop
Beaumont 4 cyl Two door Sedan
Beaumont 4 cyl Four door Sedan
Beaumont 4 cyl Two door convertible
Beaumont 6 cyl Four door station wagon
Beaumont 6 cyl Two door Hardtop
Beaumont 6 cyl Two door Sedan
Beaumont 6 cyl Four door Sedan
Beaumont 6 cyl Two door convertible

It’s Acadian for ’63 — the Canadian car built for Canadians. And Acadian has an all-new Canso series this year. Add that to proven favorites, Beaumont and Invader, and you’ve got the happiest sixty – threesome on the road. There’s a wide choice of 9 models plus the new Beaumont Sport Deluxe models. And there’s a rainbow of colors to choose from, a host of power options, and interiors so beautifully appointed you’d think they came from more expensive cars. But, that’s Acadian for you.

Beaumont Sport Deluxe Sport Coupe

63coupe.jpg - 27.1 KA sport of special sorts The Beaumont Sport Deluxe Sport Coupe offers luxury sports driving at minimum cost. There are six rich interior colors to choose from – Aqua, Red, Blue, Fawn, Black and Saddle – in long lasting vinyl. There’s foam padding in both front and rear seats as well as a fully carpeted floor, front and rear. Chrome instrument knobs, deluxe two-tone steering wheel, glove box light, and deluxe door handles are just a few more of the extras with the Beaumont Sport Deluxe Sport Coupe.

Beaumont Sport Deluxe Sport Convertible

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Luxury and Convenience Features

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Easy on the eye driving: A new instrument cluster brings all the Acadian’s instruments within easy driver view. No neck-craning or leaning to get accurate readings in highway traffic. And a turn of the light knob softens the panel lighting for more comfortable night vision. Twin sun visors, parallel – action windshield wipers, and a full – size windshield are welcome assists for your complete driving visibility.

It’s Acadian For Restful Driving: All the way up to six full-size passengers and everyone is comfrotable. The easy to get in, easy to get out Acadian has plenty of leg, hip, and shoulder room for all and foam padded front seats in every model. The perfect combination of Mono-Plate rear springs and independent high-mounted coil springs in front give Acadian a ride that’s not only smooth and easy, but quiet, too.

Safety Features: You’ll find Acadian’s all-welded Body by Fisher gives strength and rigidity. There are self-adjusting Safety -Master brakes to give you positive, smooth stops. New amber parking lamps offer a distinct safety advantage in poor vision situations. And positive crankcase ventilation system reduces air pollution. You’ll discover that many more Acadian safety like new safety-type door latches that guarantee a strong, tight and more positive safety hold on the door are offered as standard equipment to assure you and your passengers the maximum in driving security.

Room To Spare In The Trunk: Acadian is a full-size family car in every way. You can pack in a whole family’s gear in Acadian’s full-width trunk. You’ll find over 25 cu. ft. of stowage space. There’ll be no waist high lifting either for Acadian’s load – level is just 21″ from the ground. And the easily accessible spare tire is tucked carefully away at the front of the trunk to give you even more room.

Acadian Feature Comfort And Convenience: Every Acadian model is loaded with no-cost extras to give you added driving ease. Dual front armrests, handy cigarette lighter, twin sun visors, standard heater, self-adjusting brakes, 60 Day or 6,000 mile oil change, and chassis lubrication improvements help turn your Acadian driving into a happy pastime.

Custom Features: New All – Transistor Radios. For ’63, Acadian has all – transistorized radios. this means a manually operated or push button radio that begins to play the instant you switch it on. There’s a stronger resistance to shock, longer life, and more reliability, too.

Acadian Also Makes Available a full range of power options* and accessories* which give you one of the widest selections of extra accessory choices in its price class. *optional at extra cost