CCCB contact person, Saskatchewan

This mail has been sent to all CCCB members in Saskatchewan.

nelson-sept.-2018Fred Alexander in Saskatoon has kindly agreed to be a contact person for the CCCB club members in Saskatchewan. He will receive and fan out e-mails from other SA members about anything that may be of common interest to the group such as vehicles or parts for sale/wanted/found or if another club member may suggest a meet and greet type event, whether that’s a car show or some other place that might serve for a get together. Do you have a suggestion for a meet up for this summer? If so, Fred’s e-mail address is If you want to speak to him, he may be contacted on his cell at (306) 203-1942 .We are working off of Don Earnshaw’s 2018 list, so let Fred know if you are changing your e-mail address or other contact information.

Thank you Fred for your continuing support of the CCCB. It is appreciated.

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