Club Meeting, Feb. 25, Chemainus

We had a terrific meeting at the Haida Way Restaurant on Hwy. 1 in Chemainus, Vancouver Island, with about 20 persons attending. Elections were held and Don Earnshaw was returned as President, Bob Patterson as Vice President and Bev Earnshaw as Secretary Treasurer. As a special treat, Richard Jones brought out his ’67 2 dr. hardtop Cheetah Beaumont! Rare and beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Club Meeting, Feb. 25, Chemainus

  1. My son has a 67 Beaumont SD and some parts that he has been thinking he might like to sell. Would you folks have any interest? He had his car restored about 15 years ago and has had it mostly stored away in his garage ever since. Thank you.

    • Dwaine, if you can provide some additional information about year, condition, VIN number and price, CCCB can fan that out to our e-mail list and place a free ad in the club magazine. If you can provide photos as well, then it can be placed on our Facebook page which has another 600+ members. Or if you or your son uses Facebook, then you can place the photos and ad there directly, at

      • Thank you Jim i’ll Provide this information to my son Jamie. Thanks very much! Dwaine

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